From your phone to your laptop, to your newsfeed, you are constantly receiving hundreds of thousands of pieces of web content. These messages come in various shapes and sizes and provide all types of information. But, only some of these articles, blogs, and posts inspire action. Only a select few cause you to stop, think, or even click.

With the constant influx of content, it can be really hard to stand out.

The internet is chockfull of content. Some of the content is meaningful and thought-provoking and provides real value to readers. While others are written only as a way to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Worthwhile content should both improve Search Engine Optimization AND inspire engagement. In order to create impactful and engagement-worthy messaging, several elements need to be taken into account:

  • Who is the intended audience of your message?
  • Are you an authority on the subject you’re writing about?
  • Is your message providing value? Or is it just fluff?
  • Has this been written about before?

Learning how to properly write for your targeted digital environment is a critical element of any marketing strategy.  This spring, Brandeis GPS is offering a course in Writing for Digital Environments.  This part-time, fully online course in the MS in Digital Marketing and Design program provides detailed information about how to write copy and messaging for various digital formats.

The course pays special attention to the differences in form factor, audience targeting, and SEO (search engine optimization) implications of various types of content. Content marketing tactics are also explored in detail.

Those interested in the course who do not yet wish to pursue a full master’s degree can still participate. At Brandeis GPS, you can take up to two online courses without officially enrolling in a program. This is a great opportunity to get to know our programs and approach to online learning. View our full course catalog here, and preview our spring 2018 courses here.

Questions? Contact our enrollment team at or 781-736-8787.

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