First comes product or service, then comes user. Right? Unfortunately, this simple method no longer holds true in our user-driven society. In today’s world, the user always comes first.

In order to create a product or service with staying power, you need to first find out who your user is. Then, you need to find out what they want, how they behave, and their likes and dislikes.  User-Centered Design has become an integral element in the creation of just about any product or service.

Whether you’re working in IT, web development, digital marketing or computer science, the way users experience design is critical to success. However, the idea of putting users first is not always held in high regard throughout organizations.

This spring, as a part of the MS in User-Centered Design graduate program, Brandeis GPS is offering a course in Innovation and User-Centered Design.  This part-time, fully online course introduces students to foundational user-centered design methodologies and processes currently being used to drive innovation across a wide variety of modern industries.

The course focuses on how an embedded, organization-wide, design-driven mindset leads the way for innovation in on-screen experience design and development, while also leaving room for non-screen-based considerations.

As a student in the course, you will explore the theory and practice of user-centered design to drive innovation through:

  • design,
  • critical qualitative and quantitative research,
  • collaborative, interdisciplinary project work,
  • conversations,
  • reviews and interactive team-based activities, and more.

By the end of the course, students will be able to develop measurable goals and objectives to support the effective assessment of design strong, collaborative design culture in professional organizations, and much more.

Those interested in the course who do not yet wish to pursue a full master’s degree can still participate. At Brandeis GPS, you can take up to two online courses without officially enrolling in a program. This is a great opportunity to get to know our programs and approach to online learning. View our full course catalog here, and preview our spring 2018 courses here.

Questions? Contact our enrollment team at or 781-736-8787.

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