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Month: September 2021

Accelerating Entrepreneurship with Digital Innovation for FinTech

Congratulations to 2019 Digital Innovation for FinTech graduate, Sharon Craggs, for her achievements in the field! 

Sharon’s capstone project has led to the implementation of facial recognition for accounts at Abu Dabi Islamic Bank (ADIB). ADIB is now the first UAE bank to utilize facial recognition for identity

The FinTech capstone course, where Sharon’s idea about facial recognition took form, allows students to identify a problem in the FinTech field and then articulate and execute a solution. These interactive seminar-style classes enhance the student experience, and give FinTech professionals an opportunity to advance their careers in one of the most promising industries in today’s job market. We are proud of how Sharon applied her cumulative knowledge and consequently made a significant contribution toward change and innovation. 

We look forward to her future ventures, as well as celebrating the achievements of all Brandeis GPS students! 

Like Sharon, you can play a role in the FinTech revolution. Whether it’s at a leading firm, upskilling at your current organization, or at the helm of your own company, the MS in Digital Innovation for FinTech from Brandeis GPS helps you achieve these goals and become a catalyst of progress.

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Defining My Career Goals with Brandeis GPS

Contributed by: Rachel McAllister, MS in Digital Marketing and Design Candidate (2022)

During my time as an undergraduate at Brandeis, I majored in Film, TV and Interactive Media. Through that major, I became exposed to the technical aspects of film and became interested in visual storytelling. As I looked into options for a post-grad program, I steered my search into the Brandeis GPS programs.

The Rabb school was offering seniors the option of taking two GPS courses during their senior year to accelerate their path to a potential master’s degree. Excited about this opportunity, I decided to take two courses in the MS in Digital Marketing and Design program. Digital marketing is a large part of today’s social and business climates, as it uses digital technologies for storytelling, communication and to market products and services. So, the program appealed to me as both a creator and a soon-to-be Brandeis alum.

It was then that it became clear to me that the Digital Marketing and Design Program was the best fit for my needs. Not only was I able to complete two of the required courses as an undergrad, but I also had schedule autonomy as the program is fully online. Due to the acceleration options I was offered as a Brandeis undergrad, I have the opportunity to complete the program in just three, 10-week sessions.

As a Brandeis student who went straight from undergrad to the master’s program, I advise all students who are looking to do the same or who are just interested in trying out new classes, to take advantage of this unique opportunity! My career goals to work in digital marketing for media have been more clearly defined since taking my first two GPS courses.


Rachel McAllister is a candidate for her Master of Science in Digital Marketing and Design (2022) and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film, TV and Interactive Media from Brandeis (2021).

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