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Top jobs for 2020 reveal demand for skills that may surprise you

LinkedIn released its third annual emerging jobs report last month, and, as expected, AI and automation technology will continue to drive job growth across the world. Here in the U.S., the top job trends reveal that data science, robotic software engineering and online learning are among the fastest-growing industries in 2020.

What may be more surprising is that the pervasiveness of automation will likely lead to an increase in demand for the soft skills that robots can’t duplicate. According to the report, “the future of the tech industry relies heavily on people skills” that are necessary to complement and grow new technologies. Companies will be looking for employees who can demonstrate competencies in management, collaboration/team-building, communication and other areas that are impossible to automate.

If you’ve decided to skill up in any of these areas this year, make sure you’re choosing opportunities that provide training in both hard and soft skills. Brandeis University offers online programs and courses that not only tie directly to today’s emerging industries, but also allow you to develop stronger communication and leadership capabilities. Areas of focus include:

Brandeis Graduate Professional Studies is committed to creating programs and courses that keep today’s professionals at the forefront of their industries. To learn more, visit

The most promising jobs of 2019

Employment-oriented social networking site LinkedIn has recently released its list of the most promising jobs of 2019. It’s no surprise that jobs relating to Strategic Analytics, Software Engineering, and User-Centered Design dominated the top 15:

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Site Reliability Engineer
  3. Enterprise Account Executive
  4. Product Designer
  5. Product Owner
  6. Customer Success Manager
  7. Engagement Manager
  8. Solutions Architect
  9. Information Technology Lead
  10. Scrum Master
  11. Cloud Architect
  12. Product Marketing Manager
  13. Solutions Consultant
  14. Product Manager
  15. Machine Learning Engineer

LinkedIn based their rankings on salary, career advancement, number of job openings in the U.S., year-over-year growth in job openings, and widespread regional availability. LinkedIn also released lists of the top in-demand hard and soft skills for the year, which included Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and UX Design. Many of the part-time, online master’s degrees offered at Brandeis GPS directly correlate with the fields and industries LinkedIn identified as playing a critical role in the 2019 job market.

Students interested in pursuing a master’s degree with Brandeis GPS can take up to two courses for professional development before applying. To learn more, contact, call 781-736-8787 or visit

5 Tips for Making New Contacts & Connections  

By: Cara Chatellier states that 80% of today’s jobs are landed through networking.  In order to find a new role, become better at your own job, learn from industry experts and more, networking is essential.

Below you will find 5 ways to make new connections and contacts to grow your network!

Tip #1: Go to a Networking Event

Networking events are a perfect way to make new connections. Try to go to an event with
Listening to partnerover 30 attendees where you know there will be a number of people to mingle with.  One of the great things about these events is: everyone is there to chat and connect—make the best of it! Make sure to talk to as many people as possible!

Networking Event Best Practices:

  • RSVP beforehand to get updates and location information.
  • Bring plenty of business cards
  • Be prepared. If you can see attendance lists, research companies of those you may meet!
  • Leave your phone in the car, your pocket or bag—be attentive and present.
  • Smile and be open to chatting with others

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Tip #2: Join a Networking Group

Well first, what NetworkingGroupis a networking group? It’s a group (most likely on LinkedIn or meetup)
where you can be alerted about new job opportunities, gain access to new groups of people, learn about new events and swap industry  tips and knowledge.

Networking groups are a technique to meet others, both professionally and socially.


Tip #3: Connect, Connect & Connect some more!

LinkedIn offers an unrivaled method to connect professionals in your field via social media.

Make sure you add:

  • Everyone you meet in a professional setting
  • Professionals with similar backgrounds
  • Professionals in similar industries with different roles
  • Members of associations you’re interested inLinkedinPic

Don’t forget to follow the LinkedIn Best Practices:

  • Spell-check personalized messages
  • Actually read the profiles of those you are messaging
  • Schedule face to face meetings or phone calls with your connections, (make them ‘real’)!
  • Use a recent and professional photo
  • Recommend only those you have worked directly with and who you feel confident in their quality of work

Tip #4: Attend Industry Relevant Conferences

Conferences are a great way to keep up-to-date on industry trends. Most conferences will have large rooms with tables from different vendors. It’s a perfect opportunity to learn about new technologies, companies and opportunities.

ConfConferences allow you to network with professionals in your industry. You can share your ideas and get immediate feedback from credible individuals.

Conversations at conferences can lead to business connections. Make sure to share your business cards and don’t be shy asking about other similar events which may be beneficial.

Tip #5: Attend Industry Specific ‘Meet-Ups’

According to, ‘Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups.’ Meetup makes it easy to meet members of your industry of field of interest in a fun and interactive way. TheMeetupre are thousands of meetups you can take part of, and most of them are free.  Since you already know the subject matter, this will make it easy for introverts to step into the networking world. The only question is: why not?


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