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For our video package, I have some ideas that aim to cover a specific area of Brandeis. One idea is to cover the music scene. Between WBRS and other music on campus, I can follow up with my first radio piece and continue interviewing and filming students involved with music on campus. WBRS has a show at Chums on the 19th and another event the 23rd. My second idea is to cover Greek Life at Brandeis, and with many events coming up this weekend, it would be a good opportunity to both interview members and non-members of Greek Life and film the events. This is an avenue that hasn’t been taken by many and may prove very interesting.

3 thoughts on “Video Pitches”

  1. Hi Harris,

    Both ideas have potential, though in both cases I’d be interested to hear more about your angle. Regarding Greek life, what sort of events would you be documenting, and what kind of locations would you be shooting? If you do choose to work on the music piece, we should talk about strategies for recording good sound.

    1. Echoing what Mark said, both pitches have potential but need work. What is the story? Especially the first one, “music on campus” is more of a subject than an idea. What about music on campus? At the heart of most stories is some drama and conflict.
      I know from past conversations and your radio piece that you think the music scene has changed for the worse, so that’s something. But one of the requirements is that each of these projects (audio, video and multimedia) be original reporting, so you can’t repeat your interviews.

      On the Greek life front, that sounds like something more drama-ish, especially with conflicting views on the benefits of Greek life. However — you also can’t let your personal views wherever they lie color the piece. Your job as a journalist is not to convince your viewers that your point of view is correct, yours is to tell compelling stories that are true and at some level objective.

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