Final Project: Springfest 2016

Springfest 2016 was a Springfest to be remembered.  Featuring major names in mainstream music, May 1st brought thousands of listeners to Chapel’s Field at Brandeis University for a full day of music.  What most people don’t realize is how much goes into Springfest.  For a day that’s only six hours, months go into its planning.  I decided to show exactly how much goes into Springfest, especially this particular one.





Video Pitches

For our video package, I have some ideas that aim to cover a specific area of Brandeis. One idea is to cover the music scene. Between WBRS and other music on campus, I can follow up with my first radio piece and continue interviewing and filming students involved with music on campus. WBRS has a show at Chums on the 19th and another event the 23rd. My second idea is to cover Greek Life at Brandeis, and with many events coming up this weekend, it would be a good opportunity to both interview members and non-members of Greek Life and film the events. This is an avenue that hasn’t been taken by many and may prove very interesting.

Assignment for Week 2

I’ve decided to interview my good friend and roommate Jack Holloman, an awesome artist majoring in Biology and Studio Art.  What I hope to do through my pictures is depict Jack as an artist and a person.  My slideshow will consist of pictures of him, his art, and the places he works as well as the tools he uses.  In order to understand an artist, I think it’s important to learn how they operate. Jack has pieces displayed on campus, like outside the studios, in his own senior studio, and in Spingold.  Some questions I’d ask are:

  1. What is/do you have a process to your art?
  2. How long have you been doing it?
  3. What’s your favorite type or style?
  4. What do you intend to do with it?

Things of that nature. I want the interview to show how Jack is quiet and introverted, yet at the same time outgoing through his art and the activities he participates in.  I’m excited for it.

An Introduction

Salutations, my name is Harris Cohen.  I’m a second semester senior from Montclair, NJ.  This blog is intended for my journalism class, and through it I intend to show a bit of my life in this final semester at Brandeis.  Now, I’m no journalist, but my interest in journalism stems from my involvement with the music industry the past several years, and particularly in PR and publicity.  I’ve had the chance to be a publicity intern for two companies over the past two years, one being Big Hassle Media in NYC, and the other being Warner Bros. Records in Burbank, CA.  Both offered me the chance to learn a lot about PR and see the industry both from the public angle, but also from the point of view of the journalists and writers who were interviewing and writing on the artists I was working with.  Taking this into account, I’ve had an interest in photography for a while now, which should help in my journalistic pursuits.  “Writing for Broadcast and The Internet” sounded interesting to me, so in my final semester, I decided to take it.

In recent news, Brandeis has changed its alcohol policy for event registration, a policy that I helped change due to DCL’s swift ban on the Mods last semester. I’m curious as to how that change will be perceived by students and what positive change, if any, it will make. In world news, everything going in with Iran has really caught my attention, especially since it seems that the US can’t make a right call on how to treat the situation.