Director of Yale’s Global Justice Program Speaks at Brandeis Oct. 8th!

IGS is proud to join the Department of Philosophy in bringing Thomas Pogge to campus October 8th!

Inline image 2Professor Pogge is the world’s leading spokesperson for freedom from poverty as a human right.  He is the author of  World Poverty and Human Rights and co-editor of Global Justice and Global Ethics.

Pogge will speak:

Tuesday, Oct. 8th at 5:10 pm
Zinner Forum at the Heller School

He is currently focused on four projects:

(1) a team effort toward developing a complement to the pharmaceutical patent regime that would improve access to advanced medicines worldwide (see Health Impact Fund);

(2) a team effort toward developing new indexes for tracking poverty and gender disparities worldwide (see Poverty and Gender Equity Management);

(3) a team effort toward finding ways of reducing the enormous losses poor populations suffer through illicit financial outflows due to corruption as well as tax evasion and tax avoidance (see Illicit Financial Flowsand 

(4) a team effort toward mobilizing the creativity and expertise of academics in support of effective poverty reduction through promoting stronger collaboration, effective public outreach and thoughtful policy intervention (Academics Stand Against Poverty)

Here are the links to the two TED TALKS that Pogge gave recently:

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