What classes should you take this fall?

As enrollment for the fall semester opens up again, you may well be scrolling up and down through the Registrar’s list of IGS classes like it was a Buzzfeed listicle. Fear not: your UDRs and I have put together a list of recommended classes in each elective category. UDR comments are in italics: course descriptions are in quotations.
Needless to say, all IGS classes are wonderful and enlightening, but here are a few top choices. Enjoy!

 In Global Governance, Conflict, and Responsibility

POL 164A: Conflict and Peacemaking in the Middle East
Shai Feldman
M 2:00 PM–4:50 PM

“Provides students with historical and analytic mastery of the Arab- Israeli conflict in a novel way. Through immersion in three competing narratives – Israeli, Palestinan, and pan-Arab – students will gain proficiency in the history of the conflict as well as analytic leverage on the possibility of its resolution. The course is organized as a seminar and is premised on active student participation.”

POL 134b Immigration, State, and Nation
Jytte Klausen
Mon-Wed. 2 to 3:20

“This course examines patterns of global migration and immigration policy in Europe and the US. Immigration poses a dilemma for Western democracies. Anti-immigrant sentiments are rising but immigrants are, at the same time, regarded as needed for their skills and willingness to take jobs not wanted by others. Anti-immigrant backlash fuels the electoral success of far-right parties, yet employer interests and human rights norms limit what governments can do to control immigration, both legal and illegal.”

“Students will become familiar with the facts of migration, the core concepts and theories informing scholarly debates and disagreements, and the conflicting views and interests of policy-makers, migrants, and communities affected by immigration.”

“for students who are interested in the intersection of politics and Islam.”

In Culture, Media, and the Arts:

SAS 100A — India and Pakistan: Understanding South Asia
Prof. Harleen Singh
T,F 11:00 AM–12:20 PM

“An exploration of the history, societies, cultures, religions, and literature of South Asia–India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Uses perspectives from history, anthropology, literature, and film to examine past and contemporary life in South Asia.”

“A great introduction to one of the world’s most interesting regions, one that’s more and more important economically and politically. And Prof. Singh is amazing.”

NEW COURSE! LALS 170A — Sports, Games, and Politics in Latin America and the Caribbean
Dr. Laura Brown
M,W,Th 1:00 PM–1:50 PM

“Sports are one of Latin America’s biggest exports and imports. This course, engaging with cultural studies theory and interdisciplinary readings, examines the politics and social forces behind sports such as soccer, cricket, baseball, wrestling, and bullfighting.”

In Economics, Health, and the Environment:

ECON 122b: Economics of the Middle East
Nader Habibi
T,Th 3:30 PM–4:50 PM

“Examines the Middle East economies – past experiences, present situation, and future challenges – drawing on theories, policy formulations and empirical studies of economic growth, trade, poverty, income distribution, labor markets, finance and banking, government reforms, globalization, and Arab-Israeli political economy.”

“for students who are interested in the relationship between economics and international relations.”

HS 110A — Wealth and Poverty
Thomas Shapiro
T,F 12:30 PM–1:50 PM

“Examines why the gap between richer and poorer citizens appears to be widening in the United States and elsewhere, what could be done to reverse this trend, and how the widening disparity affects major issues of public policy.”

 “I would recommend it to the students who are Business and IGS double major/minor.”