New Courses this Spring at IGS!

Professor Avinash Singh will teach two brand new courses this Spring 2021 that will be offered in person and remotely:

IGS 171a The Asian Wave: Global Pop Culture and its Histories

Asia is not only remaking itself but also exporting images and ideas across the world. This course analyzes the impact of Asian pop culture on global modernity as Asian countries project their aspirations and belief-systems, via an increased connectivity, to a worldwide audience

HIST 179b India and the Superpowers (USA, USSR, and China): 1947 and Beyond

This new course examines history of modern India through its relationships with the “superpowers,” USA, USSR, and China. Covering the period between 1947-2018, the course analyses ideological, economic, foreign policy shifts and subcontinental conflict in a constantly changing geo-political scene.

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