The Impact of the Muslim Immigration Ban on the Waltham, MA Community

In our heated political climate, Trump’s immigration ban has become an extremely prevalent issue, so we were interested in getting a more firsthand and direct perspective from people of the Muslim faith. This immigration story focuses on the Muslim ban, and specifically how it impacts the community here in Waltham.

Qiyu visited the Waltham Islamic society to chat with teachers and the chairman of the community and asked them about their opinions on the ban and also about living in America as a Muslim. Here are photos and also snippets of what Fatima, a teacher she interviewed, and Blue Karim, the chairman, had to say about the ban.

Karim explains the basic Muslim prayer routine:

Before entering the Islamic Society, one must take off their shoes. From young children to older adults, members come to the center for prayer on weekends.
Two male members pray. Men, women and kids generally separated for prayer.


Fatima teaches a class of excited young students. She is a Muslim mother and teacher at the Waltham Islamic Society

Q: Have you ever experienced discrimination from society as a Muslim woman?



Q: Do you keep up with news about the Muslim ban? How do you feel about the ban?

WUDU: one must clean their body before they pray.
Prayer project the students worked on.


Chairman Karim (pictured on the left holding microphone) leads the service. He is part of the head of the Waltham Islamic Society

Q: What is your general opinion on the ban?

Q: Do you keep up with news about the Muslim ban?

Q: Have you noticed a difference in the Muslim community since the ban?

Q: Have you participated in any anti-ban protests or movements?

A Muslim mother and her child get ready for the events of the day.
Kids listen attentively as prayer leaders begin the session.

The Waltham Islamic Society was very friendly and welcoming. They told us that regardless of the ban, the community center has always and will always support the Muslim community of Waltham. According to Karim, most of the community actually do not keep up with news about the ban. And as far as he knows, there has been 0 reports of Muslim community members being denied entry into the US. They remain rather apathetic towards the ban because they believe American values strong will lead to equality and justice.

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