What’s up with Mother Nature? Environmental change, which is the disturbance of the environment often caused by human influences and natural ecological processes, is a huge controversy in terms of finding the best solution or the best way to slow down its damaging effects. Energy scarcity, environmental pollution, and climate change are three major challenges aiding in environmental change. They all have to do with one another but they also share one big common theme: fossil fuels. Energy scarcity has to do with the increasing lack of energy sources such as crude oil. Introducing contaminants into the natural environment triggers environmental pollution. Climate change, which we also refer to as global warming, is the ongoing rise in the temperature, mostly caused from increasing concentrations of green housing gases in the atmosphere. The burning of fossil fuels supports these three unfortunate outcomes that are affecting the environment.

The Chinese government invests more than any other country in the wind and solar energy business and they have come up with a plan to create a global electricity network. The State Grid Corporation of China, the largest electric utility company in the world, plans to link existing solar farms and wind turbines and/or other electricity plants across four continents (Asia, Europe, Africa, and the America’s). They need to get large investments from all over the world for it to be functional by 2050. The business plan is called the Global Energy Interconnection. The goal is to generate a global network that could mean clean energy for up to eighty percent of the estimated global consumption, clean energy meaning recycled or reusable energy that generates little to no emissions. This would displace fossil fuels as the earth’s principal energy source. Solar farms use hundreds to thousands of panels that convert the suns light directly into electricity. We can put the panels on big motorized towers where the motors allow the panels to track the sun so they have higher electrical output. They put power into the utility grid so businesses and consumers can use the power during the day. Therefore, fewer fossil fuels are burned.

Global Energy Interconnection investigates the current condition and complications of global energy development and with calculated rational and a proper construction method for the development of global energy network. This is hard task and will face difficulties at times, but researchers and analysts involved say that it is possible with the correct funding and with a practical and efficient design. It could be a huge and extremely influential change not only for the environment but also for people. It is important that countries are starting to think about ways to make a difference in the environment for future generations. Energy transmission technology is economical and the proposal is ambitious but the plan is really good news for the world.