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For Families in Flint, a Daily Struggle to Avoid Tap Water


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Early last month, Christina Murphy rested her hands on her pregnant belly while watching her children brush their teeth using bottled water. Like many parents in in #Flint, Michigan, Christina spends an inordinate amount of time emptying bottles of water into pots and bowls, where it can be boiled or microwaved for bathing, washing dishes and cooking for her 5 children. “It’s like living in the 1800s,” she told @nytimes. 6 months have passed since families in Flint first learned their water supply was heavily contaminated with lead, and the crisis continues to exact an exhausting daily toll on family life. Local fire stations stock the water, but residents have to pick it up and cart it home every day or every other day. In a 24-hour-period, a family of 4 can easily use up a case of 40 16.9-fluid-ounce water bottles — just for drinking and cooking. @brittanygreeson took this photo of Christina, 35, while on #nytassignment in Flint.

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For Families in Flint, a Daily Struggle to Avoid Tap Water