While our classmates shuffled through different magazines, I called across the room and told my group mate to pick the magazine with the pretty purple cover because that one stood out to me. There are many visuals including artist visualizations, tables, wavelength graphics, telescope-generated images, etc. We chose to focus on the cover story, “Into the Heart of the Milky Way.”


On December 31, 2015, the online version of the magazine published a preview for it, while the paper copy magazine came out two months later. We cannot access the online version because it requires you to purchase the digital issue. The visualizations provided for the preview of the digital issue were a few astronomical photos.


From McGill University, we found the PDF for the article. Here, we find the writer’s information and it seems eminent that she is the one promoting the story. She is a researcher at the University; she is an assistant professor, an academic- and not a journalist. She also gave a talk in Northwestern University about her work: http://ciera.northwestern.edu/Aspen2015/slides/talkslides%20-%20Daryl%20Haggard.pdf


On twitter, the buzz about our story comes from other science-y works such as the Hubble Telescope. Sky & Telescope’s twitter account, which can be found here, discusses astronomy, but not its own stories.


The cover story was tweeted by McGill Space Institute and the magazine only retweeted it.


There is no instagram account in existence for Sky & Telescope…