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Andy Nagy has hosted The Blackjack Davy Show on WBRS for 40 years. He is a Brandeis alum with a longtime passion for folk music. The Blackjack Davy Show demonstrates his enthusiasm for folk music and his eagerness to share this genre of music with listeners around the world. Nagy’s radio show is definitely one of Brandeis’ hidden gems. I think it would be interesting to explore this hidden gem by interviewing him in his workspace, the WBRS studio. I could then take photos of him in the booth. I envision a close-up of his hands moving the sliding buttons on the sound board. I also envision a close-up of his mouth close to the mic. I picture a horizontal shot from behind Nagy in his chair as well. Or perhaps a close-up of his posture in his seat (like if he has one leg propped up on his other knee or something similar to capture his demeanor). I don’t think I would want to include his face in any of the shots. Although the purpose of covering Nagy is to expose a hidden gem on campus, I think I would like to preserve the mysterious aura around him and his 40-year-old radio show.



Brandeis recently named El Salvador native Luis A. Croquer the new director of the Rose Art Museum. Croquer has lived in numerous countries during his childhood and has worked at several museums and galleries around the world. Since he is new to the Brandeis community, I think it would be enlightening to interview him and see how things are going at the Rose so far and hear his goals for the future of the museum. As I was taking practice shots around the Rose, I drew inspiration from the Rose’s predominantly glass exterior. I think it would be cool to play with the reflective quality of the floor to ceiling glass walls. Croquer could stand in the Foster Stairwell and I could take photos of him from outside of the building. I liked the reflection of the trees on the all glass windows of the stairwell, so I could experiment with those if it’s not too distracting. The Mark Dion: The Undisciplined Collector exhibit is a 1960s inspired corner of the museum. It’s an interactive installation with moody lighting, lots of wood and warm tones. It might be cool to shoot him sitting on the couch from eye-level or a low angle. We could use the collector items to our advantage in a few shots too. Otherwise, the Lois Foster Gallery is in the process of an exhibition change. There are a few empty tables, a couple of boxes and some other moving materials scattered around the spacious Lois Foster Gallery. It might be interesting to take shots of him standing alone in the unfinished gallery, while I take the photos from above on the balcony, making him look isolated yet pensive.


  1. I think that both of your pitches are well thought out, but that your vision for visuals and maintaining some mystic aura around the radio show host sounds very fascinating and visually interesting. The shots you mentioned sound really nice, and the piece could definitely find an audience at Brandeis, and through the radio.

    The Rose art museum is also a beautiful place to photograph, and hearing about the future of the Rose could be interesting. Which piece are you more excited about?

  2. Hi Katie,

    Both of these ideas sound very promising. I especially like your idea to profile Blackjack Davy, since I agree that his show is one of the best-kept secrets within the Brandeis music community. What kinds of questions would you ask him? It might be interesting to hear him speak about how he fits into the music community at Brandeis or in Boston. It would be fascinating to hear what the campus, and the musical culture on campus and around Boston, was like when he was a student, and how he feels it has changed.

    You have some good ideas about framing him visually within the studio, but I wonder if you could also include images relating to the musicians and musical styles he features on his show. You could photograph the album art, or some traditional instruments, if Davy has any to bring in during your photo shoot. If any of these musicians (or similar musicians) are playing locally at some point in the near future, it would be great to get some photographs of their live performances, too. Could you include questions in your interview about local venues where you can hear these players live?

    If you interview Croquer it might be interesting to hear what brought him to the Rose, and to hear him relate his experience thus far at Brandeis to his previous experiences, since he has travelled and worked so broadly.


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