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I could interview a Brandeis student who is creating a fashion line for her senior thesis. She has her own studio space on campus. Action would involve her working and moving around the studio (sewing, sketching, etc.). I could get her take on fashion in general, her thesis and the fashion scene at Brandeis. I could interview her, her thesis adviser or one of her professors. To link her story with the broader Brandeis community, I could interview random people on campus who have cool style and ask for their views on Brandeis fashion and their personal fashion as well. I could ask her about how she became interested in fashion, if she’s done any internships or jobs in the field, her inspirations, the fashion/arts scene at Brandeis, why she chose this as her thesis and if she’s encountered any hardships throughout the process. I could evoke character through her personal sense of style, her words, her demeanor and her work. I could capture place by shooting at her studio, in her room, possibly at the Rose and around campus. For detail, I could do close-ups of her drawing or sewing or any of the tasks she does in the studio. The emotion would come from her interest in fashion and drive to create a quality thesis and line. I am not sure where the drama would come from. This story is newsworthy because most senior theses or most people’s perceptions of senior theses are eighty-page, boring papers. A fashion line for a senior thesis is very unique, especially here at Brandeis where we don’t have a fashion program or really any fashion-related classes. Anyone on campus who is interested in fashion, design, the arts or maybe even people who aren’t interested in any of those, could find this interesting, because this is a very unconventional senior thesis.



Covering the waste of food in dining halls could be another interesting story. The action would come from students, Sodexo employees and the machines used in dining halls. I could interview Sodexo employees and ask them about what they see behind the scenes and what they do with food that is put on the conveyor belts. I could also interview students and see if there is a general awareness or lack of awareness about wasting food. I would evoke character through the stories of Sodexo employees or a student who is very passionate about reducing dining hall food waste. I would evoke place and detail by shooting close ups of familiar things/tasks in eating spaces around campus and close ups of people wasting food. I could evoke drama by possibly finding some astounding statistics about food waste in dining halls or by someone’s personal story. This is newsworthy because the environment is a hot topic in America at the moment, so narrowing the lens down to the environment and sustainability at Brandeis would make it more relevant because we all are all part of the impact. I think anyone on campus could find this interesting and this could possibly serve as a wake up call to start being more aware of our actions and their consequences.


I am still brainstorming other ideas. Clubs like Brandeis Aviation Club, Brandeis Brewing Society, Deis 3D: Brandeis 3D Printing Club, Brandeis Prostheses Club, Platinum Step Team, Ice Hockey Club, some kind of martial arts club or an artist (I’m thinking more visual arts) could bring some fascinating stories and movement to the table.


  1. Hi Katie,

    I like both of these pitches, but the story about fashion sounds especially promising. Design work lends itself very well to video B-roll, in all of the ways you’ve mentioned. Does this student work with any models? Would you be able to visually evoke the student’s sense of style by shooting other students wearing the clothing she has designed? Could you compare and contrast this student’s ideas about style with ideas from other fashion savvy students on campus? Could you evoke different fashion styles and personalities by shooting B-roll that shows us styles of dress and attitudes acround campus? I also think it’s a great idea to interview the faculty she is working with, and get their thoughts on how a fashion project fits into an arts education at Brandeis.


  2. Hi! I think the fashion idea sounds so cool! It seems really visually interesting which I appreciate. I am also just interested in fashion so I think it sounds sick. It could also give other students inspiration for creative projects they could do for their senior thesis’ which is useful. Do any students wear her clothes around campus yet? That could be an interesting aspect of the story.

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