Interlock Media Response 3

This is a photo of the animation crew working at interlock. Everyone is doing work that they believe in and care about.

Students come from all over the world to work together in pursuing an experience that could help them eventually find a job. Everyone here has a story that stems from our background motiving us to pursue a better form of life. Projects that we have been working on for example are made to help shed light on these lives.

These projects include: Expass, Code Switching, the Fuller project, and an animation for a Doctor who works with us, known as Dr. Paul. Expass focuses on expeditions done by the Coolidge family. This family went out to create field expeditions in places like africa, asia, and around the wildernesses in America. These expeditions would later lead to interesting topics like wildlife conservation, and environmental studies. Code Switching focuses on students who have went into the Metco Program. These students were put into this program to help them receive a college education. This helps support the mission of social justice by giving students who are willing enough to go forth with study and pursue an education and perhaps find a better life. Dr. Paul works closely with interlock and helps support it with either funding or even job opportunities.

Those who are interested in these projects would support these projects and eventually learn skills to better achieve their goals.

Recently, I have been tasked with taking photos of the interns who work here presently. I also need to take some quotes from interns who are also willing to give quotes. I only take photos of interns who are willing to take the photos. I do not want to create unnecessary stress for the interns around me, nor do I wish to stop anyone from achieving their goals.