I have never experienced a subject like journalism, which can really open my eyes to the world, build new thinking ways and learn to tell story objectively. More important, I can learn multimedia skills like shooting and editing, which will be so useful for me even if I am not in the journalism field. I like to talk to people and I like to know the truth, but I don’t have specific interests as a journalist because for now I am finding my interests and I just eager to touch with all kinds of news.
For the on-campus news, I would like to comment on is the Chinese students are all busy preparing for the Spring Festival and both Sherman and Usdan will serve traditional Chinese food during dinner time. The Spring Festival, the biggest Festival in China, symbolizes for the family reunion. Chinese students may feel lonely and disappointed without the company of family. The decision of  Brandeis offering Chinese students with traditional Chinese food conveys respectful to Chinese culture, and more importantly, shows the school’s care to the Chinese student.

The off-campus news I want to comment is the Women’s  March.  I only watch the March at Downtown Crossing, but most of the people there in pink hats smiling friendly, carrying banners and slogans quietly, and police officers look relaxed. The order of the March is much better than I thought and people acted so rationally.


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