1. Without the company of families, international Chinese students have their own ways to celebrate the Chinese New Year of Rooster. Friends normally gather together to spend time together. I will interview two students. Here are some potential questions
    -what did you do on New Year’s Eve?
    -what’s the feeling of not staying with your family on this important festival?
    -Comparing to past year’s Spring Festival, what’s the biggest difference?

    Besides students themselves, Chinese students associations also prepared well-planned shows to celebrate the Festival. For examples, Berklee held the Chinese New Year Concert and Brandeis also prepares Spring Festival Gala to invite all students enjoying the show together.
    I interviewed the producer of Berklee Chinese New Year Concert, and students who’ve been to the show.

  2. There are lots of photoshop apps on phone in China. They have powerful function of making face look more beautiful. Among all the apps, MeiTu is the most popular one and it is now getting popular in America. Lots of Americans think MeiTu is so useful that they can look much nicer. However,  some people think MeiTu conveys racism because it can only make your skin whiter, and thus some people think MeiTu regards white skin as the standard of beauty. I will interview students from different countries and racial, and here are some potential questions.

–  How do you like you in the phone after MeiTu’s photoshop?

–  Would you like to use it often in your daily life and post on social media?

– Do you think it actually set a standard of beauty and this standard should actually been different from people to people?