Video Story Pitches

 A day of a homeless man

  • I knew a homeless man named Addie in the Day Center of Waltham. I have made contact with him again for the video project. He is willing to let me interview him and record a day of his life. He told me his “home” is in Waltham and invited me to visit, and he also was happy to introduce his friends to me, but I am not sure if the other homeless people would agree to be on camera. He has written some pages of his life in Spanish and his is willing to translate it into English for the interview. He will be in hospital for the next two weeks but he will leave more his contact information in the Day Center if I want to interview him at anytime.
  • The impact of the immigration ban to the Muslim community in Waltham
  • I have made contact with the chairman of Waltham Islamic Society and visited the Society on Sunday when the Muslim from Boston were all here to prey and Muslim children were here to take religious classes. There were hundreds of people there and they allow me to do interview and take photos inside of the Center. I am free to record inside of the Center, including the prey room, classroom and bathroom to clean bodies before praying. People are nice there and they are willing to share their experience with me. I used my phone to record two brief interviews with the chairman and a Muslim mom in the Center and took lots of photos and videos with my phone.
  • Bristol Lodge

The Bristol Lodge Shelter currently offer a total of 57 beds to homeless individuals from Waltham and surrounding communities. I went to the shelter during the daytime and took some photos inside of the shelter. The director told me the shelter open from 4pm to 8pm and I have to contact the head of the shelter to ask for permission if I want to use video recorder inside the building and putting their clients is totally unacceptable. I have e-mailed the manager of the shelter about if I can video record the shelter during daytime to see how it works and only interview homeless people with their permission, but I get no response yet.