Courses at BOLLI…A Diverse Variety of Learning Experiences

At BOLLI, there are very few limits on what you could end up learning about. BOLLI does not limit its courses and programs to one single subject or area of study. Instead, there is a large variety of courses, lectures, and other presentations lead by a variety of people who all have different backgrounds and life experiences.

When it comes to study groups, BOLLI’s five or ten week courses during the fall and spring, the world is your oyster, as just browsing the catalog itself could take you a while, as there are so many options and disciplines to explore.

Disciplines include both the visual and musical arts, social and natural sciences, business and finance, literature, politics, history, pop culture, and much more. Then, within each of these disciplines there are classes from all different subdiciplines and specialties. Whether it be a class on neurobiology or climate, if you are hoping to expand your scientific perspective there is a class for you there. Within the arts, just in the spring there was a course for painting water color, courses on Russian Music, Eastern Jewish Music, and courses covering a variety of artists and musicians such as Fugard, Vembrandt, and various others.

In addition, these courses are taught by people from a variety of backgrounds, including current master’s and phd students, retired doctors, lawyers, and business people, and faculty from various universities, located not just around the country but around the world.