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From Privilege to Advocacy: Translating Advantages into Action

February 8th, 2017 · No Comments

From Privilege to Advocacy: Translating Advantages into Action

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Levine-Ross Room, Hassenfeld Conference Center, Brandeis University

Madeleine Lopez, Director of the Intercultural Center
Atticus Ranck, Coordinator, Sexuality and Gender Diversity

Privileges are manifested in different ways, some noticeable while others require a closer look. Come join us as we take stock of our privileges and ways to put them into action. Madeleine Lopez will discuss how her education affords her a level of privilege, which allows her to advocate for students and the undocumented. Atticus Ranck, who has has spent the past few years as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, will discuss the gender-based privilege of which he is acutely aware.

Join us for a vibrant discussion…and some dessert!

About the Social Justice Forum
The Social Justice Forum is a conversation series that encourages the Brandeis community to connect and discuss pertinent and compelling issues related to social justice on campus. SJF is a collaborative effort of Graduate Student Affairs, the Intercultural Center, the Office of the Chaplaincy, the Women’s Studies Research Center, and the Brandeis University Library. To join the planning team, request more information, or to suggest topics, please contact Forum administrator David Wedaman:

Notice to Members of the Press
If members of the press are interested in attending Social Justice Forums, please alert us in advance. You may not record attendees (their images, identity, actions, or words) without their consent. We reserve the right to close particular sessions to the press, in order to preserve participant confidentiality.

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