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Hello, and welcome to my multimedia journalism blog! My name is Tamar, and I am a junior at Brandeis, studying Politics and minoring in Business. Journalism has also always fascinated me; after all, the content that people consume ultimately helps shape their worldviews. I am particularly interested in journalistic stories that are less obvious, or less “newsy,” ones that focus on trends or patterns over events or isolated incidents (ie more Features-type stories). Journalism that reveals deep-rooted issues in the corporate or political realm are also interesting to me because they may produce real-world changes.

On campus,  I would love to focus on the new threat to DACA, and how that is affecting specific students and/or faculty on campus. Also, I’d like to look at silent issues on campus — from disability to personal grieving — and how the school deals with people who experience these issues.

I was involved this summer in quite a few local political campaigns, many of which have election dates this month or next month. I’m planning on following many of these, and using the results to examine the local trends about what voters in Massachusetts are caring about, especially in light of Trump. Will the voting turnout change because of Trump at all? In what direction? And will there be a larger share of conservative votes? Votes for women? And, of course, there’s always drama following the campaigns – politics is exciting!

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