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Rethinking Jewish Identity and Jewish Education: The Podcast

At the end of March, about 45 scholars, educators, and Jewish community policy-makers gathered at Brandeis to critically examine the ways that the concept of “Jewish identity” is used and sometimes abused in discussions of Jewish education.  As it turns out, the topic is of interest to many, and we had to turn away a lot of people who wanted to join the conference.  We asked audio producer Ari Daniel to pull together the strands of the conversation, to make it accessible to a broader audience.  The podcast is now available.  Tell us what you think!

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  1. Judith Aronson

    May 23, 2014 at 6:15 pm

    It seemed worth the time to listen to the podcast and I am glad that I did. From my (believe it or not) 64 years as a Jewish educator of one sort or another, what strikes me is the impersonality of the discussion. As educators we act in loco parentis when it comes to transmitting Jewish connection. My grandmother taught my mother Modeh Ani but she forgot about it until I learned it at Religious School. Blessed with teachers and mentors of many types, I was able to forge a Jewish persona that is not exclusive but central to my being. What I learned was a passion for deepening my life’s journey. What I learned was to love being Jewish even as I met contemporaries in 1947 who had survived Holocaust death camps and death marches. So I guess I believe that identity is relational and nurturing the teachers who love their students results in making individual lives better and as it was said in the “Looking Forward” section, expanding our scope and exciting our students.

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