A journalist is a bridge from people to the news. The primary work for journalists is to go out, explore and collect news. A lot of people will regard news as instant, happening information that people should know. My interest as a journalist is to make documentary movies, which, in my perspective, another form of news telling. Speaking of documentary movies, people would feel that most documentary movies are serious, scientific and even a little boring. However, in my opinion, making documentary movies could happen anytime, and they can be both interesting and informative. For example, when I go on a trip, I could interview local people and listen to them talking about fun facts about their hometown. In this kind road documentary movie, people will learn potential stories about local culture and life habits. Also, as a student, it is a good choice for me to interview students about campus events and their campus lives, and in this case, audiences will learn much about campus stories.

On Sept. 3, our Brandeis OLs and new students from Class of 2021 took the shuttle to Science Museum in Boston to celebrate the beginning of an exciting new school year. Every year, on the last day of new students’ orientation, Brandeis will encourage new students to visit Science museum. They got together to chat with each other, dance without worries and laugh like children.

A little over a month ago, Boston Dynamics founder and CEO Marc Raibert was honored to present what the company has been working on in a brief demonstration at this year’s Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders. The highlight was supposed to be a live expo showcasing the new and improved Atlas and SpotMini robots. During the show, the robot fell off the stage and the footage of this part attracted a lot of audiences. However, the video of the Atlas blunder was viewed by few audiences. Thus, audiences love robots fell because they love machines sometimes more like normal human beings instead of extremely clever weirdos.

News should be fresh and people will eager to read news but news maybe not instant. News can be always happening.