I have a general topic for my story pitches, which is “diversity” at Brandeis University.

The diversity is not only about various ethnic groups or races, but also diverse careers and goals they pursue at Brandeis University.

My first story pitch is about how Asian girls pursue arts major at Brandeis University. For example, potential interviewees are the Asian girls who pursue “acting” career and theater major at Brandeis University. The first reason why I want to interview objects about this topic is the experiences about acting at Brandeis are unique and interesting. Meanwhile, most Asian students like to study science or life science at Brandeis University. A small part of Asian students would like to choose arts as their major because few Asian people regard arts as an available career they can pursue in the future. However, I want to make good use of this interview to change the “bias” about arts major. This topic could let people know more about arts major at Brandeis and inspire students who have willing to learn arts.

My second story pitch is about Professor Weighs. Professor was born in Tel Aviv and Weihs holds a Ph.D. in Financial Accounting and an MBA in Finance from Tel-Aviv University, and a B.A. in Accounting and Economics from Bar-Ilan University.She has been serving as co-president of the Boston chapter of the alumni association of Recanati Business School of Tel-Aviv University since 2001. Since 2010 she has also been a member of the Boston committee of the American Friends of Tel-Aviv University, serving as a Co-Chair from 2010-2015.

I will interview my professor about her diverse life in her born country and how she pursued her career. Importantly, my story will also include why Professor Weighs would like to come to the United States and choose to teach at Brandeis University. She has diverse background and experiences. My willing is to let her story to show the diversity of Brandeis and to inspire students who are in the same boat.

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  1. Hi Maple,

    I like your idea for a piece about Asian arts majors at Brandeis. I think this story will work better as a video than your other idea about Professor Weighs.

    You suggest that majoring in the arts is an unconventional choice for many Asian students, since the expectation is often that they will study science. This could be a good angle to develop some interview questions around. Whose expectation? Their parents? Their Asian peers? Students or faculty members from other cultural backgrounds making assumptions?

    Who specifically do you plan to interview? One way of structuring your piece could be to interview students focusing on different areas of the arts–one student from theater, one student from music, one student from fine arts, for instance. Will you shoot B-roll of them practicing their craft in studios and rehearsal rooms and concert halls and stages and etc.?


  2. Hi! I think the pitch about the art majors sounds more interesting, as well as like it will give you more opportunities for interesting footage. Are you planning on focusing solely on theater, or on other art majors as well?

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