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john2  Jonathan Touboul (PI)

  Kana Ishimatsu (Co-advised with O. Pourquié, Harvard Stem Cells Institute and BWH)

Current PhD students:

Charlotte Piette – Collège de France, Co-advised by Laurent Venance

Former Students and Postdocs

Former Postdocs

  Denis Patterson (currently at Princeton University and joining Durham University Math Department)

  Charlie Cosnier-Horeau

  Jonathan Jaquette (currently at Boston University).

jerome_ribot   Jérôme Ribot (now Research Scientist at Collège de France)

justyna_signerska-rynkowska Justyna Signerska (now Prof. @ Politechnika Gdanska, Dept of Math)

alberto-romagnoni.jpg Alberto Romagnoni (now Postdoc @ ENS Paris).

Former PhD Students

  Yi Cui (now research scientist in a private company)

Richard Bailleul (currently at EMBL, Heidelberg)
Photo on 11-24-15 at 4.53 PM   Tanguy Cabana (Postdoc @ Mines de Paris, now working for the French Government).
10353459_10202949419951506_2661395863478521626_o.jpg  Cristobal Quiñinao (now Prof. @ O’Higgins U., Chile)
best-photo.jpg  Luis Carlos Garcia Del Molino (now postdoc @ CNS, NYU)
  Geoffroy Hermann (PhD February 2012, now at the french ministry of finance)

Former Master Students
Dan Sfedj (2019, Centrale Paris)
Simon Lebastard
(2018, École des Ponts, Paris)
Gaetan Vignoud (2017, ENS Paris)
Charlotte Piette
(2017, ENS Paris)
Juan Jose Salazar Garrido
(2017, ENS Paris)
Julien Habis
(2017, École Polytechnique)
Gaetan Vignoud
(2016, ENS Paris)
Guillaume Penent (2016, ENS Paris)
Guillaume Hubert (2016, École Polytechnique)
Valentin Figué (2016, École Polytechnique)
Athur Hardiagon (2015, M1, ENS)
Antoine Sauvage (2015, M1, Ecole Polytechnique)
Richard Bailleul (2015, M2, ENS)
Yi Cui (2014, M2 student, ENS Paris)
Roberto Zuñiga Valladares (2014, École Polytechnique M1 master)
Gaetan Vignoud (2014, L3, ENS Paris)
Richard Bailleul (2012, M1, École Normale Supérieure de Cachan)
Nathan Moreau  (2012, M1, École Polytechnique)
Justine Scher (2012, M2 ANEDP Jussieu)
Tanguy Cabana (2011, M1, École Polytechnique) Awarded best internship prize.
Quan Shi (2011, M1, École Polytechnique)
Flavio Souza (2011, M1, École Polytechnique)
Minghua Rao (2010, M1, École Polytechnique)
Jean-Bastien Grill (2010, M1, École Normale Supérieure)
Sarah Dijols (2010, L3, U. Strasbourg)