Jérôme Ribot

Mathematical Neuroscience Lab, CIRBCollège de France
11, Place Marcelin Berthelot
75005 Paris, FRANCE
office: B 102
phone: (+33) 1 44 27 13 87
email: jerome.ribot (at) college-de-france (dot) fr

Orientation and Spatial Frequency Maps

Orientation and Spatial Frequency Maps in A17 and A18

Research description – Publications

My research addresses the question of how functional maps are organized and develop in the primary visual cortex of mammals in normal or pathological conditions of vision.

     – Characterization of functional maps organization

Functional maps are characterized with optical imaging techniques (intrinsic signals or voltage-sensitive) and electrophysiology. A particular focus is given to their organization and their interrelationships in order to understand how they subtend visual perception.

     – Development of functional maps

In order to understand the role of visual experience in shaping  functional maps, these are recorded during development, or in pathological conditions of vision (blindness, strabismus, orientation deprivation..)

     – Neural networks that subtend functional maps

The functional networks subtending these maps are characterized with dye injection combined with optical imaging or electrophysiology, or are inferred through mathematical models.