I’m Matthew, a senior studying Politics, International and Global Studies, and Journalism.

My interests as a journalist are politics, global and national events of interest, and New Jersey politics and events (my home state). When I studied abroad in London last fall, I had the opportunity to write about developments in technology, sports, and the intersection of those two topics, which I also greatly enjoyed.

I have had a few Politics Department professors joke that they have  had especially large class sizes in the past two semesters. I think there might be a story in regards to Brandeis major enrollments potentially reflecting changing patterns in attention paid to various issues over time. The Registrar might have relevant historical data for this sort of  story.

Another story I am interested in is examining some of the older plans for Brandeis and the campus that can be found in Archives and Special Collections, especially as the university prepares for the construction of a new dorm.

Earlier in the week, the New York Times published a story about a man herding cattle to safety via helicopter as the cows have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey. I found the story particularly interesting as the reporting crossed into a number of news coverage categories: the human interest element of a noble individual in the wake of disaster, the economic side of the Texas beef industry at risk, and action photos of a helicopter soaring above cows in shallow water. The article was accompanied by a number of photos, and I felt that the visual element was important in this particular story for illustrating something that many people, myself included, might not have seen in the past.

On campus, the women’s soccer team hosted its first home game on Tuesday night. Brandeis won 2-0 with both goals in the second half. Additionally, there was an orientation week tailgate prior to the match, and any campus event offering free food can do no wrong.

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  1. Hi Matthew, the scene you describe from Hurricane Harvey is great–surreal, absurd, and moving. You make a good point about the power photos have to put events in context for people who lack a frame of reference. Any ideas for how you could shoot images around campus or Waltham that might open the eyes of your peers to things they haven’t thought about?

  2. Hi!

    Your thoughts on the changes in major enrollment patterns are really interesting, I hadn’t considered that before. When looking at that story who would you interview about it, and what would be interesting to photograph?

    Also, if you’re interested in sports technology you could look into whether Brandeis is behind, on par with, or ahead of the sports-tech curve so to speak, in comparison to other colleges in our division. It’s likely someone in athletics would be happy to discuss that with you!

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