Assignment 1

Interesting Topics I’d like to Investigate:


Dilemmas and Misunderstanding between Science and the Public

The article above speaks about the current Zika emergency in Florida and how some government officials and the public are reacting negatively to a suggested solution from scientists – genetically modified mosquitoes.

Genetically modified organisms, and its applications in the real world, are somewhat misunderstood by the public, both in how it works and how it even works. While controversial in the public scope, many scientists support its applications and can ensure, scientifically, that it is safe to use.

So while there is fear mongering occurring, there is of course the general debate with GMOs on how far do we go, and what are the potentially consequences if something were to go out of our control or taken advantage of by an individual. These are areas I’d like to further investigate from both sides.


On campus, this may not be a “news” scenario, but I’m interesting in investigating a feature on Experiential Learning at the University. I actually work at the EL department, however my involvement is primarily out of personal interest in the idea of meaningful and effective learning experiences. Its to my surprise that a lot of students aren’t aware that EL courses exist, or how its experience differs from the traditional classroom. EL also extends its reach past “courses” – and into the realm of real-world opportunities – such as research, internships, and volunteering. I’m interested in potentially interviewing my directors and obtaining their definition of experiential learning, as well as finding out how EL professors define the benefit of their courses and what exactly is going on in their courses – additionally, it would be important to find out what students think of their own EL experiences too.


Part 2: Photos from This Week


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