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Leaving one’s nest of comfort is always a hard thing to do. This is especially the case when one moves across the world to a totally new environment.  Brandeis has an influx of Asian students coming straight from China.  This transition from Chinese culture to an American one is fascinating to me. I want to learn and understand how these kids grew up and what they really are thinking inside of their heads.  I walk around campus everyday seeing these Chinese students in packs speaking a language that is so complex.  I want to know what they are saying and what they are feeling. Figuring out why and how they got to Brandeis specifically is something I want to pursue.  Looking at their upbringing and seeing if it lines up at all with mine is what I want to study.  What did they think of us initially coming into an American University? How do they perceive us as people? What kind of things are important to them? Where do they stand on American issues that are brought up on our campus? These are just a few of the questions I want them to answer.  Personally, I’ve been to Asia because my father does business over there.  I only see these Chinese people through a business setting at this moment.  I’ve watched my father work closely with them in a business setting not on a personal level.  I want to look at the youth and deeply understand them on a much more personal level. I learned a lot about the Chinese culture from my trip to China and I realized the culture and upbringing must be drastically different then an American one.  I want to see if I’m right.  Talking and comprehending these kids lives is intriguing in my mind. I’m excited to venture into an unknown culture and learn first hand the life of the Asian student here at Brandeis.



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  1. Hi Matthew,

    You’ve expressed a strong set of reasons why you would like to tell this story, which is great. You’ve also got a good list of starting questions. Right now your topic is still quite broad–can you narrow it down to a specific individual or two? What do you already know about them? Can you tease out a compelling personal story by starting from the facts that you already know, and asking some probing questions from there? What will the visual component of your story be? Be careful about focusing too much on their experiences abroad, since you won’t be able to shoot images in those locations. What places and events nearby might be related to their experiences? Can you get them talking about these places and shoot images of them, that express the themes you hope to investigate?

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