Video Package Pitch!


Hi, below are my three ideas for my video package!

Idea #1

The Rose Art Museum.  Looking at the different exhibits and how each one comes to life.  Looking into the life of someone who works there as well.  What kinds of people work at the museum? I want to see an exhibit from start to finish and see how the display is put together and kept up.

Idea #2

Brandeis Fencing Team. How they are so good (D1 team). What there schedule is like. Potential olympians on the team. I want to learn what fencing is all about.  I have seen it in movies but I want to hear from the people what this sport is like.

Idea #3

How Adina Steinman (president of Tamid Business Group at Brandeis) created this business club from the ground up.  How much work and effort was it on her part to start this amazing club. What motivated her to take time out of her busy schedule to start something like this.  Tamid has grown tremendously over the past three years (over 60 people now). I want to highlight that and find out how this happened.



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