Multimedia Story Pitch!



I am going to do a story on one of the most well known restaurants in Waltham, Moody’s Delicatessen. I am going to dive deep into the history of this deli.  I want to know how this deli started in Waltham specifically.  I need to understand the deli scene in Waltham and the greater Boston area. I want to know how and why the different items on the menu came about.  I also want to understand what it takes to run and operate a restaurant. The combination of making the food and prepping the store for the day, I want to know it all.  The deli also has a wine bar that was added recently. I want to know the reasoning behind that. I know it takes a lot out of a family to run a deli.  It consumes every aspect of the owners life. I want to know how much of a commitment it is from the owners perspective. From learning all of this, I want to understand the life of a deli owner in the greater Boston area.