Multimedia Story Pitch!



I am going to do a story on one of the most well known restaurants in Waltham, Moody’s Delicatessen. I am going to dive deep into the history of this deli.  I want to know how this deli started in Waltham specifically.  I need to understand the deli scene in Waltham and the greater Boston area. I want to know how and why the different items on the menu came about.  I also want to understand what it takes to run and operate a restaurant. The combination of making the food and prepping the store for the day, I want to know it all.  The deli also has a wine bar that was added recently. I want to know the reasoning behind that. I know it takes a lot out of a family to run a deli.  It consumes every aspect of the owners life. I want to know how much of a commitment it is from the owners perspective. From learning all of this, I want to understand the life of a deli owner in the greater Boston area.









Video Package Pitch!


Hi, below are my three ideas for my video package!

Idea #1

The Rose Art Museum.  Looking at the different exhibits and how each one comes to life.  Looking into the life of someone who works there as well.  What kinds of people work at the museum? I want to see an exhibit from start to finish and see how the display is put together and kept up.

Idea #2

Brandeis Fencing Team. How they are so good (D1 team). What there schedule is like. Potential olympians on the team. I want to learn what fencing is all about.  I have seen it in movies but I want to hear from the people what this sport is like.

Idea #3

How Adina Steinman (president of Tamid Business Group at Brandeis) created this business club from the ground up.  How much work and effort was it on her part to start this amazing club. What motivated her to take time out of her busy schedule to start something like this.  Tamid has grown tremendously over the past three years (over 60 people now). I want to highlight that and find out how this happened.



My Pitch!

Hello World,

Leaving one’s nest of comfort is always a hard thing to do. This is especially the case when one moves across the world to a totally new environment.  Brandeis has an influx of Asian students coming straight from China.  This transition from Chinese culture to an American one is fascinating to me. I want to learn and understand how these kids grew up and what they really are thinking inside of their heads.  I walk around campus everyday seeing these Chinese students in packs speaking a language that is so complex.  I want to know what they are saying and what they are feeling. Figuring out why and how they got to Brandeis specifically is something I want to pursue.  Looking at their upbringing and seeing if it lines up at all with mine is what I want to study.  What did they think of us initially coming into an American University? How do they perceive us as people? What kind of things are important to them? Where do they stand on American issues that are brought up on our campus? These are just a few of the questions I want them to answer.  Personally, I’ve been to Asia because my father does business over there.  I only see these Chinese people through a business setting at this moment.  I’ve watched my father work closely with them in a business setting not on a personal level.  I want to look at the youth and deeply understand them on a much more personal level. I learned a lot about the Chinese culture from my trip to China and I realized the culture and upbringing must be drastically different then an American one.  I want to see if I’m right.  Talking and comprehending these kids lives is intriguing in my mind. I’m excited to venture into an unknown culture and learn first hand the life of the Asian student here at Brandeis.




Hello world, my name is Matt Rosenstein and I am a sophomore from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I have always felt that journalism was a skill that I needed to master.  I am an avid sports fan cheering on the mediocre teams my home state (Minnesota) has to offer. I especially love watching and keeping tabs on the Minnesota Wild hockey team as well as the Vikings football team.  When it comes to journalism, I love looking at different cultures and seeing how they view us Americans.  Being at Brandies I am exposed to many different cultures and walks of life.  Even though I have only been on campus for three semesters I feel like I have learned so much about many different cultures.  My freshman year roommate was from Panama. This allowed me to dig deep into his culture and see first hand what it was like as he transitioned to an American lifestyle.  I am also very interested in looking at the Asian culture at Brandeis.  I want to find out what they are thinking and how life is different here in America.

One big on-campus news item that happened this week was our new student body president, Ronald Liebowitz, addressing our student body last Tuesday the 12th.  It was interesting to see what drew him to our school and what he wanted to accomplish.  He talked about how the rich history and the undergraduate/graduate department relations really set us apart. Liebowitz plans to be on campus as much as he can to soak up the Brandeis experience from now until he takes office in July. It is exciting to see a new face running our institution.

In regards to outside campus news the front page of the Boston Globe on Monday, the 18th, had a story about the youth criminals that escape correctional facilities. It was shown that in the past couple of years the amount of youth escaping has been climbing.  There seems to be a problem with these youth facilities keeping track of their prisoners.  The article states that in most cases the criminals are found and brought back to the facilities within 72 hours. What happens to the youth who are not found and returned to prison?  It is shown that a lot of these kids who are not found are committing crimes after they have escaped. These youth facilities need to figure out a better way to monitor their prisoners. If this does not happen the well being of society is at risk and this is at the expense of the correctional facilities inability to keep track of their youth prisoners.

Until next time,