Jacob Interview Concept

Hello Basile, Anu, Karen, Elan, Jamie, and Mark,

This past week, the flow of ideas has been as dry and shriveled as California. However, sitting in class, your energy has inspired me.

If possible, I would like to interview an art model. I met her at the Rose Art Museum opening and took pictures of her and her son in front of her painting. She modeled for Lisa Yuskavage, whose work is featured at the museum. I plan to attend a talk on Saturday with Yuskavage, and will ask the artist for her model’s contact information. I have been considering asking the model, whose name is Ivan, the following questions:

-Do you feel shy about posing naked?

-Is there a difference between modeling for a painting versus a photograph?

-Is art modeling a hobby or a full-time job for you?

-How do artists find out about you?

-Do you see yourself in the finished painting?

-Do you want the public to know who you are?

-Do you give the artist parameters for how you’d like to be depicted?

I hope this woman accepts to be interviewed. I don’t yet have a back-up plan.


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