Elan Kane Interview

Sorry this is so late — I was just able to finalize my interview today. I will be interviewing Aaron Liberman. Liberman is an orthodox Jew who played division 1 basketball first for Northwestern and then for Tulane before transferring to Brandeis this year. I will be asking him about his basketball history and why he decided to transfer for Brandeis, a division 3 athletic school. Some of my questions for him include:

  1. When did you start playing basketball?
  2. Did you play other sports growing up?
  3. When did you realize you’d be able to play collegiate basketball?
  4. How has it been being a religious Jew while playing basketball in a secular college world?
  5. How was the basketball scene at Northwestern?
  6. Why did you decide to transfer to Tulane?
  7. How was basketball at Tulane different?
  8. Why did you decide to transfer to Brandeis?
  9. How has basketball been different at Brandeis, a div 3 school, as compared to Northwestern and Tulane?

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