This summer, I have the opportunity to shadow and work on a clinical research project at Massachusetts General Hospital under the supervision of Nurse Practitioner Lieba Savitt and Dr. Liliana Bordeianou. I’m incredibly excited for this experience because I will be exposed to a new hospital environment and a patient demographic. Last summer, I had a similar opportunity at Boston Children’s Hospital in which I got to see what it meant to be a pediatrician, an anesthesiologist, and a clinical researcher all at the same time. After some of the coursework I completed this year (ie, American Health Care, Physiology, and Human Genetics) and deep reflection on what I wanted to do after Brandeis, I realized just how little I understood about the medical field and what a career would entail.

I hope that this opportunity will not only allow me to apply what I have learned but also further expose me to the many different medical specialties as well as the intricate teamwork all healthcare professionals are involved in. My previous clinical experience revolved around pediatrics, and I would like to see how the same physician roles that I saw at Boston Children’s are adjusted to a different hospital environment and culture such as Mass General. While I’m a little nervous that I won’t be able to meet expectations, I’m confident that this experience will give me more insight and a much better perspective to help me figure out if medical school or another allied healthcare career path is better fit for me.

~Sherry – Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)

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