Pre Departure

As a rising junior, I will be shadowing at The Surgery Group in LA this summer. I am very grateful to the Pre-Health department at Brandeis for offering this opportunity to me. I have little experience with varying perspectives in medicine, let alone reasons as to why become a doctor.

I am most excited to observe how various surgeons operate in their daily schedules. Surgery (or even patient interaction) is arguably the most exciting aspect of their careers, but there are other experiences or factors to consider like team dynamic. Moreover, medicinal research and healthcare continue to expand and develop, and doctors often learn and perhaps apply this novel knowledge to their profession. Just considering these details alone and how they fit together in a surgeon’s schedule is very fascinating.

I am most nervous about fulfilling my expectations and possibly shattering my views of medicine (and thus a potential career shift). My expectations are understanding why I would become a surgeon or physician and the impact of healthcare (like the recent government policies proposed) on a clinic or hospital. I do not have much exposure to surgery, other than my participation in my high school’s anatomy and physiology course. It is possible that after shadowing, I will no longer want to become a surgeon or a physician. Still, after talking with Dr. Nasseri and perusing through his surgical center’s website, I know that I will be deeply ingrained in medicine so my decision to choose a job in or not in this industry will be firmly grounded.

A few of my goals include networking with the staff and becoming more acquainted with procedures and terminology used. Moreover, I hope that I can establish long-term relationships with Dr. Nasseri and the other surgeons. Thank you for reading my blog post, and I will update you as the program progresses!

-Trevor — The Surgery Group of Los Angeles

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