This summer, I have been granted the opportunity to shadow a Northwell Health LIJ Colorectal Surgeon, Dr. Marc E. Sher.  This immersive experience where I may peer into the world of a surgeon excites me as, for the first time in my academic career, I will be allowed to observe the art of surgery firsthand.  Being that I am highly interested in pursuing surgery as a future profession, this experience will be perfect for either affirming or reestablishing my interests within the medical field.

Ironically, while I am most excited to observe surgery, the surgeries are also what make me the most nervous.  Being that this opportunity marks my first exposure to surgery outside of a laboratory setting, I am not sure how I will fare as they become more lengthy, complex and risky.

Throughout this shadowing experience, I hope not only to gain insight on what areas of the medical field interest me most, but also gain a newfound appreciation of all the work that doctors do “behind the scenes”.  As a shadow, I will not only observe surgery, but also accompany Dr. Sher in his clinic, interacting with patients in a pre-op and post-op setting. Further, I hope to expand my network amongst professionals in the fields I hope to one day join and also accumulate exposure to the medical field through a point of view not typically available to me.


Tamir Zitelny – Long Island Jewish Medical Center

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