Pre Departure (Avital)

I’ve been interested in surgery since my first high school biology class and I am so excited to finally observe it for the first time. I have been working towards my dream of going to medical school and becoming a surgeon for over five years now and I have never stepped inside an OR. If I were to be nervous about any aspect of the experience, it would be being matched with a doctor that isn’t very interactive and enthusiastic about teaching. However, being a pre-med student at one point, I’m sure most doctors can empathize with our desire for clinical experience. I expect to have a more solidified perception of my ultimate goal of becoming a surgeon. My dream would be more of a reality, which will give me even more purpose in my journey. I also expect to learn a lot about surgical procedures and protocols. My goal for the summer is simply to become even more familiarized with the clinical aspect of health care, which is invaluable to a student such as myself working toward a career in medicine.


Avital Simone – The Surgery Group, Los Angeles

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