Final Thoughts

Being granted the opportunity to shadow Dr. Sher at Northwell Health far surpassed my expectations and cemented my interest in pursuing a medical career.  Dr. Sher’s interactions with his medical staff while in the OR and the skill at which he practices the art of surgery is truly awe-inspiring.  Further, through shadowing Dr. Sher in clinic as well, I was also able to see the more “human-side” of medicine – the patient side of medicine.

For those even remotely interested in the medical field, I would highly encourage shadowing a doctor/surgeon.  Whether it is to affirm or disprove your suspicions about the medical field or to gain more experience as a student, shadowing a doctor has truly opened my eyes to a world of possibilities.  While shadowing Dr. Sher, I have interacted with many medical professionals from a wide array of fields.  As such, I have been exposed to multitudes of doctors that have expanded my interests in many different fields.  This has certainly taught me that any area of the medical field isn’t to be written-off as “uninteresting” or “unappealing”.

This summer, I am most proud of how I handled myself in the OR.  At the start of this program, I was unsure as to how I would fare during operations.  Sure, I have experience with dissecting mice and other creatures, but this time, it would be a human being – something I could easily identify with.  After this experience, not only can I now say that I am positive I can handle being in the OR, the specialty of surgery has been pushed to the forefront of my current career interests.

I would certainly like to thank Dr. Sher and every other medical professional I interacted with during my shadowing experience and would certainly recommend that others take part in a similar experience.

Tamir Zitelny – Long Island Jewish Medical Center

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