Final Thoughts

This program completely exceeded my expectations. I went into the program unsure if I even wanted to pursue health care, but I came out of it really motivated to continue on the pre-health track. After going into the operating room and seeing what work the doctor must do, it was really invigorating, and it made me want to leave the same impact on others by doing the same thing. I sat in on the removal of part of the colon, an appendix, a HUGE hernia (she waited 13 years before getting it removed), and a gallbladder. I thought that I would be fainting left and right at the hospital before actually going in, but after being put in scrubs (and placed a bit of distance away from the action), I kept wanting to get closer to see what was going on. No other thoughts were floating in my head besides wanting to see more.

For those wanting to shadow Dr. Sardinha from Northwell Health, I highly suggest it! The organization is very open, the staff keep things entertaining even if you’re just standing for eight or more hours, and you really do experience new sights and smells. I hope to shadow more in the future, hopefully in other fields. Following a colorectal doctor is kind of jarring at first, since it’s such a private area, so you’ll definitely experience many new things.

I’m most proud of figuring out my direction for my remaining three years at Brandeis. Before shadowing, I didn’t even know if I was going to stay in the pre-health track, but after going through shadowing, I do plan on staying on the pre-health track, and hopefully get into med school to become a doctor or physician’s assistant. It feels great to finally have a goal for the future.

~ Alice G. – North Shore Long Island Jewish Medical Center

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