Cameron – Pre Departure

“When the fireflies are gone, the ponds have dried up and the plants are wilted, weary from being so green. It’s no longer really summer but the air is still too warm and heavy to be fall. It’s the season between the seasons” (Dry by Augusten Burroughs, 74).

Here, Burroughs describes the hot August days that comprise what he calls “the season between the seasons.” Summer break has just started, so have I picked the wrong passage? In the context of his memoir, Burroughs uses this feeling of the in-between as an analogy for his uncertainty and tentative excitement for the future. As I’m sitting down to write this post, I too feel in the in-between, and I too feel both uncertainty and excitement for this summer.

This summer I’ll have the opportunity to shadow and work in clinical research under Dr. Liliana Bordeianou and Nurse Practitioner Lieba Savitt at the Center for Pelvic Floor Disorders at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. As a student interested in the intersection of research and medicine, I’m most excited to learn about the inner workings of clinical research. I’m hoping to see what work goes into data collection and entry from charts, and how that data eventually reaches the potential for publication. I’m also looking forward to shadowing in the OR, and seeing how doctors and nurses collaborate during surgeries.

Since I haven’t started at MGH yet (this post is pre-departure after all!) my main focus is to gain the most from this unique opportunity offered through the Pre-Health Advising Office. As a rising senior, I’ve spent the past three years working in research at Brandeis. Looking forward to next year, I hope I’ll gain more insight into both clinical research and healthcare professions from this summer. Hopefully my midway point post will be filled with more new and fascinating experiences, and those experiences will quench my uncertainty and excitement as I’m thrust out of the in-between and into this new season.

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