Katherine – Pre Departure

This summer I have the privilege of shadowing at Cambridge Health Alliance, in both their Cambridge and Everett locations. This opportunity will allow me to shadow multiple doctors in various specialties, which will allow me to gain a broad view of the profession. While I have had exposure to the medical field through my work as an EMT, I have had little experience in the hospital setting. I am excited to get an understanding of different medical career paths, and what being a doctor truly entails.

I am most looking forward to seeing the day-to-day routines of the doctors and the inner workings of hospital operations. I do not have a good sense of what to expect: what is the ratio of paperwork hours to patient contact hours? What is the diversity of cases seen each day? What are some important procedures and terminology used? How does everyone work effectively as a team in providing healthcare service? I hope that by speaking to and following the healthcare providers I will be able to answer these questions, as well as others that I have not even thought of.

My first goal for this shadowing experience is to network as much as possible. I would like to interact with not only doctors, but also nurses, PAs, and other medical staff to gain a broader understanding of the various career paths available. Second, I want to expand my practical medical knowledge, which I can then apply to my EMT work, as well as my future studies. Lastly, I hope that this program will enable me to clarify my post-graduation career goals by giving me a better understanding of my options and dispelling some of the myths surrounding the profession.

I look forward to beginning!


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