Jasmine Pre-Departure

My name is Jasmine Lee and I am currently a rising junior and am double majoring in Biology and HSSP, while minoring in Music. After graduating from Brandeis, I hope to go to medical school and pursue pediatrics. 

In the Brandeis Shadowing Program, I have been partnered with Massachusetts General Hospital as both an observer and a research assistant. I am very excited to experience this internship at MassGen because it is one of America’s top hospitals by the U.S News and World Report.

We will be shadowing several different persons in the hospital setting to learn more about the workings of a hospital and the responsibilities of a doctor. Although we do not yet know what specific departments we will be shadowing in, I expect to learn a lot about the respective fields and how they work. I also expect to witness physician to patient transparency which I have learned is extremely important to the development of a meaningful relationship between the doctor and the patient and forming trust. As I would like to become a physician in the future, I hope to learn skills and observe passionate doctors in action.

In the research aspect, we will be working with the MGH’s Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery Program. In practice, this program provides “evaluations and treatment for female pelvic floor problems to help women to return to a normal lifestyle,” according to the program’s informational website. Furthermore, it uses several different methods for treatment including targeted physical therapy, pessary use, biofeedback, and mind/body medicine, aside from surgeries. The main goal of this research program is to empower women to come forward about medical issues that they may be too embarrassed to talk about and find them the most efficient forms of treatment for them. According to MGH website, patients start in the program with possible non-surgical methods of treatment before discussing more intensive forms of treatment, such as surgery.

Going into the internship, I do not have any previous research experience. Therefore, I look forward to being able to contribute to such a great program and learning about the workings of a clinical research project. Although I will have to start from the very beginning in learning how to be a research assistant, I hope to learn skills that I will use in any future research assistant position, whatever that program or project may be.

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