Itay – Pre Departure

Words cannot explain my excitement to begin my internship at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Pelvic Floor Disorders. In this world renowned hospital, I will have the opportunity to learn from the co-director of the department, Dr. Liliana Bordeianou, and be guided by Nurse Practitioner Lieba Savitt. This is a very unique opportunity that the Brandeis Summer Shadowing program offers in that it threads together shadowing and research regarding a fascinating subdivision of medicine. However, I think that the true meaning of this experience will lie behind the interaction invoked between the observation and research that I will be exposed to.

These two cornerstones of medical practice will season each other, maximizing the value each other yields for me as a participant. Knowledge about what I am observing, and the understanding of its place towards slowly furthering the medical world through retrospective research, will enrich the taste I take away from my presence observing surgeries. Likewise, shadowing will create a more emotional and picturesque connection to the investigations I will be doing. Medical terms will paint images, charts will tell stories, and publications will be written memoirs of what will hopefully roll out to be motivational and impactful summer internship.

I look forward to being in the high-paced, intense hospital setting and to being an involved, difference-making member of the department. With that in mind, as the start date gets closer, I realize that I must make a point to prepare myself for this experience mentally and academically so that I am truly ready to begin. I made sure to be sent plentiful material to read about past and current research going that Dr. Liliana Bordeianou and the department has published and have further fulfilled this with materials I have found online. I believe that understanding and mastering what you do does a lot more than to teach you what you are doing, it teaches you why you are doing it. As the looming start day creeps up I can proudly say I now know what needs to be done and why, and am excited to take on the responsibility of doing it.

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