Leah, Pre-Departure

I have the pleasure of shadowing Dr. Denoya for a short time this summer and I’m very excited to do so. My experience with the medical field through other programs/internships that I have completed has provided me with a great foundation and some initial insight on what I am anticipating that I will encounter as part of my shadowing experience. With that said, I have never shadowed a doctor before and I’m sure that this experience will be unlike anything I’ve done before and I’m looking forward to that!

As part of this, I’m looking forward to learning about the surgical and clinical procedures that Dr. Denoya takes part in as I have never had access to the knowledge that I am sure I will gain from this. Outside of this, Dr. Denoya is part of the medical school’s system at Stony Brook and I haven’t yet started exploring options for medical school. I also see this as a great way to start considering different medical schools and what they each have to offer. Grasping a deeper understanding of all parts of the system that exist at Stony Brook will be beneficial to starting that search from a unique perspective.

I know that I want to enter the medical field, specifically that I want to be a doctor, and when posed with the question of what kind I find that my answer is not the same as Dr. Denoya’s speciality. Being provided this opportunity, I’m curious about her speciality because it is not one that I have considered before. This means that I will broaden my knowledge of the many different kinds of doctors’ patients rely on each day which adds value to my experience.

Although I have not yet been to Stony Brook, I have had great interactions with the senior administrative assistant and this makes me hopeful about how wonderful the experience will be. Such a great initial interaction has made me feel comfortable going to Stony Brook and surrounding myself with all that it has to offer. I’m confident that I will be able to ask questions, grow professionally, make great connections, learn and also contribute in any way that I can. I want those around me to gain something from me in some way. Shadowing Dr. Denoya will be a new learning experience which will challenge me but I know that I will expand my knowledge of my prospective career through this and I can’t wait!  


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