Jigme, Pre-Departure

I have just completed my first year at Brandeis University. It was a year filled with forming new relationships, adjusting myself to the campus and exploring different courses and career paths. I have always wanted to work in the medical field because of my interest in directly helping other people and studying science courses such as Biology, Chemistry etc. Therefore, I am currently on the pre-med track and I am considering to major in Biology. 

This summer I got the wonderful opportunity to shadow Dr. Marc Sher at Long Island Jewish Medical Center at Queens, NY. Dr. Sher is a colorectal surgeon and I really look forward to working with him because I myself have always wanted to focus on the colorectal medical track. Thus, I am most excited about watching Dr. Marc Sher interact with his patients and observing Dr. Sher perform minor surgeries in the operating room. I also look forwarding to meting new people and forming networks and relationship. 

Although I am filled with excitement to start my shadowing program, I am a little nervous about working in a new environment. I am interning at a hospital that I have never been before and I will also be working with people I have never met. I am worried how I will be able to adjust to the new surrounding. However, I know that I will be able to adapt soon. 

As I look forward to this wonderful opportunity, I expect myself to make the best out of this program by interacting well with the staff and observing and learning from Dr. Sher. Lastly, I hope that I will be able to get a better understanding of a colorectal surgeon’s daily routine. I want to know if I can see myself working in a hospital environment in the future and if medicine track is what I really want.

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