Jigme, Final Thoughts

I just completed my program at Long Island Jewish Medical center with Dr. Sher and I must say that it was one of my best experiences. This experience exceeded my expectations. Not only did I get to watch Dr. Sher but he allowed to me get hands on experience by teaching me to use the colonoscopy and making me watch minor operations.

Overall, this experience made me feel that medicine is the right career path for me. Watching Dr. Sher interact with patients and help them get better is what I want to see myself doing everyday in the future. From my workplace this summer, I have learned that I love interacting with people. When I was shadowing Dr. Sher, I enjoyed talking to staff, patients and other people I meet.

Lastly, advice I would give to a student interested in Brandeis shadowing program would be to not be shy and talk to your supervisor and staff. I have learned a lot about the medicine field and different career opportunities after connecting with different medical professionals at my workplace. Moreover, another advice for a student interested in medicine field is to never give up. Don’t worry about what others think. Focus on yourself and do what you want. The path may seem like a long run but if that is what you want, you should always be determined and you will get there. From this summer something that I am most proud of is taking on a case report project. Dr. Sher is guiding me and we are currently researching on a rare disease to write an article about it. I am very proud that I took on this research.

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