Lev, Final Thoughts

Working for the surgical department at Massachusetts General Hospital has truly been an eye- opening opportunity, and it’s hard to believe that the summer is nearly coming to a close. This internship has made for a wonderful experience, and it has really helped me to move closer to
my academic and career goals. Although I am sad that the summer is almost over, I am nonetheless very excited to say that I will be continuing to work with Lieba Savitt N.P., Dr. Liliana Bordeianou, Dr. Rocco Ricciardi, and others conducting research during the fall semester.

I enjoyed this internship for a wide variety of reasons. As I’ve discussed in prior blog posts, this internship mainly involves conducting research and shadowing colorectal surgeries. Both aspects of the experience have been really fascinating, and I’ve been able to learn so much about medicine and become more passionate about the field as a result. With respect to the research component, I have been able to get more involved with exciting
projects conducted by the department. In addition to continuing to work on the patient quality of life assessments, I have begun a new project, working with Dr. Ricciardi to assess worldwide trends in mortality caused by inflammatory disease of the colon. I have been working to collect data for many countries in the study, and have already even begun to observe some fascinating trends. As I plan ahead for my involvement at MGH in the fall, I anticipate spending a significant portion of my time on this fascinating project.

Additionally, the time I have spent shadowing has continued to become even more enjoyable throughout the summer. This internship has really been my first exposure to working a clinical environment, and, as mentioned in prior posts, it has been truly inspiring. Observing the
physicians who perform such surgeries has been incredible, largely due to the high degree of interaction I have had with the doctors who I have shadowed. When in the operating room, we have been given the opportunity to ask questions or simply just talk with the physician about
what he/she is doing, and such interaction has made the experience so much more meaningful.

Many of these physicians have so many incredible things to say and lessons to teach, and it is really a privilege to be able to learn from them. Additionally, since my last blog post, I have also been given the opportunity to observe several operations I had not previously seen, gaining more exposure to this incredible and complex field of surgery.

Overall, this internship has turned out to be an enjoyable and enlightening opportunity. My excitement for medicine and research has increased exponentially since beginning the program, and as I look ahead to my career, I am sure this summer will serve as a very formative experience, guiding me in the transition from college to the beginning of my professional journey.

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