Lydia, Final Thoughts

My experience shadowing at MGH this summer has been a thoroughly rewarding one. Throughout my time observing and doing research, I have gained an appreciation for the field of urogynecology and how it helps improve the quality of life for countless women. Since the midway point, Caylee and I completed our work on the perineal tears database. Our new project, case-control matching for a study involving women with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and urogynecological symptoms, involves going through many medical records. This differs from our last research project in which we went through fewer subjects but examined each in more detail. Both projects have allowed me to become more familiar with EPIC, one of the main goals I had for the summer.

I asked some of the fellows how they decided to go into urogynecology. My inquiries revealed that all of them had done OB GYN residencies and had then decided, based on their experiences, to subspecialize in urogynecology. I better understood the differences between the Urogynecology and Labor and Delivery workplace environments after observing a C-section. The atmosphere of the Labor and Delivery unit was much more frantic and fast-paced. The surgery itself was also more rushed and less meticulous than those I had observed in urogynecology.

In addition to my time in the OR and clinic, I have been attending didactic and journal club sessions roughly once a week. Similar to observing in the OR, a lot of the information goes over my head. It has still been beneficial to attend these sessions, however, and see how the different doctors process the information and ask questions.

I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to observe and do research at MGH this summer. It has been very educational, not just about urogynecology specifically, but also about the daily life of a doctor. Although I knew the importance of continuing education going in, I was surprised by how much the doctors were constantly reading about their field and incorporating it into their practices. This experience has affirmed for me that I wish to go into the medical field.

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